Friday, June 27, 2008

Having the TIME of our lives!!!

June's Bunko was super fun!!! Sorry for the FOUR of you who missed out! Come on ladies, don't you know bunko comes before everything else in life? Yep, we made do with eight people, and it worked out great. Just did two tables instead of three! And we each got a prize because Tiff apparently got an awesome deal on some darling clocks! So I don't even know who won what.....
Tiff's cute kids

Aww, our little retards...been spending
a little too much time around the hair dye fumes...
Ok, I'm not much better...
We just chatted for a while after the game
(I think we sat and talked for longer than we played.)
Brooke thinks something is pretty dang funny...
The host...
Great pic of McKayle

Mickie is the newest member of our group!

Monday, May 19, 2008


Ok, since I (Kathryn) am the official 'tourist' of the group, Lizz finally made me an author so I can update the pics I take. Ideally this should means there will be a post the day after Bunko night, but I'm not making any promises. I'll do my best though! And everyone else needs to post pics too! We can all be authors. Anyway, April's Bunko was super fun. Thanks Jill for hosting! Yummy tacos and brownies. We pounded those brownies, they were gone in about 2 seconds. You did a great job!!

And we got two new members to our fun group: Melissa Ross and Ashley Hansen. We are so glad you are in for good! Actually, Ashley doesn't feel new since she has subbed since February, but we're glad she's official. Amber and Richelle left us! Their loss, for sure.

And Natalie was our awesome sub for the month. Hopefully we'll see her again soon! But we really missed Lizz. It's not the same without you Lizz!!

All the winners and their prizes--scentilicious bath and body works gift baskets!!!!

Melissa won the big pineapple that smelled like a dream. Beginners luck!
And my sister got the biggest loser prize. Being a big loser totally doesn't run in the family....
Our beautiful Host

Denise was pretty excited about winning her roll-off

Gamma girls!!
That is one good-looking table of girls!!!

Bunko queen in training!!!
Yay for awesome subs!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

March...yes March's Bunko Night!!

Has anyone else noticed we're kind of getting into the funky faces!! HAHA!!! Sorry this took me so long to post... this month has been CRAZY!!! Sorry I missed you all this month!! I look forward to next month!! Hey... if you guys want to be an editor... send me your email address!

Yes... since I am posting the pictures... I get to put one up of myself because I FINALLY won!!!

Cute prego belly!!!